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Amazon Prep Service Launched

Walkerpack are extremely pleased to announce a new service which promises to be invaluable to anybody selling through Amazon Marketplace.

The FBA Prep Service recently launched at our Brackmills-base in centrally located Northampton, promises to allow our clients the chance to escape ‘the boxes, tapes and labels’.

Most people accept that when selling through Amazon Marketplace that sourcing products is key to adding value to the business and other services should be outsourced. Our new service promises to bring real benefits to customers who want to grow their business but risk getting swamped in all the administrative tasks. We're here so people can get you away from all the boxes, tape, and labels and back to doing what really matters in the business.

Businesses using Walkerpack’s services can feel confident that they are in safe hands.

It can be a costly mistake to cut corners when sending out products through Amazon. Sellers who don’t get it right and fail to meet deadlines or use the wrong packaging can face refunds and risk their reputation. There’s nothing we don't know about prepping and shipping products in the most cost-effective, expedient way.

Clients who believe it is still more cost-effective to do it themselves should consider other benefits.

The do-it-yourself option can work but using our service means cost savings on renting a warehouse and storage area, packing materials, utilities and other logistics-related needs.

​You pay for what you want and when you need it enabling that extra capital to be spent on new products, marketing or sales. You won’t have to worry about packing and handling your goods again. The only thing needed is to send us your products, pack list, and labels. Our team will do the rest, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business and enjoying your life.

To find out more about how the service can work for your business contact Walkerpack. Telephone +44 (0) 01604 760529 or see the website at

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